Circus 1903

We're excited to have created and directed the puppets for Circus 1903, produced by the Works Entertainment and Asia Live Network, producers of The Illusionists, the world's best selling magic show.

Circus 1903, a love letter to the classic age of Circus, debuted in Canberra, Australia in December 2016, followed by a North American tour beginning in February 2017. It contains incredibly skilled artists - acrobats, cyclists, jugglers, fire-breathers, knife-throwers, tumblers, wirewalkers and stiltwalkers, with magic, aerial splendour, contortion, knife throwing - and two exceptional elephants.

Circus 1903 last played at the Southbank Centre in London in December 2019 and January 2020.

Reviews of Circus 1903

'Making of' photos in our Facebook album

Here's a clip of the elephants appearing on the Stephen Colbert Late Show in 2017:

Our puppeteers currently in Circus 1903 are Luke Chadwick-Jones, James Donovan, Chris Milford, James Retter Duncan, and Jessica Spalis. Former puppeteers have included Florian Blümmel, Mariajose Dominguez Pontigo, Daniel Fanning, Nyron Levy, and Henry Maynard.

The puppets were designed by Mervyn Millar and Tracy Waller, and built by Significant Object in London during 2016. The making team were: Daisy Beattie, David Cauchi, Monica Corder, Amber Donovan, Helen Foan, Pip Herbst, Charlie Hoare, Matt Hutchinson, Jo Lakin, Ana Maio, Mervyn Millar, Bryony Rumble, Claire Strickland, Hattie Thomas, Paul Vincett and Tracy Waller. The CAD artist was Tim Blazdell.

The puppetry was directed by Mervyn Millar.