Peter Pan

Peter Pan We are back at Schauspielhaus Zürich to design and direct puppetry for this season's production of Peter Pan.

We are working again with the creative team behind Die Brüder Löwenherz: director Ingo Berk, set designer Damian Hitz, costume designer Eva Krämer, and composer Patrik Zeller.

We're delighted to be working closely again with Christine Rippmann, the Schauspielhaus' Theaterplastikerin, who co-designs the puppets with Mervyn Millar (who also directs the puppetry).

The making team from the workshops at the Schauspielhaus working alongside Christine includes Claude Kaiser, Urs Bruderer, Marianne Boos, Simone Müller, Flavia Somalvico, Vicky Dovat and Susanne Boner.

The cast features Claudius Körber, Matthias Neukirch, Kornelia Lüdorff, Anna Blomeier, Sarah Gailer, Jasper Engelhardt, Johanna Köster, Dominic Hartmann, Silvio Kretschmer, Julian-Nico Tzschentke, Benito Bause and Ludwig Boettger.

Peter Pan premieres on Nov 11th. The theatre's page on the production, and booking links, can be found here.

Peter PanPeter PanPeter PanPeter PanPeter Pan